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RB: PI02807 Magnificent apartment with terrace near the park of the Ciutadella
Barcelona. Sant Pere - Santa Caterina i la Ribera
895.000 €
191 m2
  • Air conditionerAir conditioner
  • Central HeatingCentral Heating
  • LiftLift

This beautiful apartment is located in the block Sant Pere - Santa Caterina i la Ribera, Barcelona, in a Noucentiste building which dates back to 1883.
Its central location allows its inhabitants to enjoy all the things our city has to offer, and it’s also excellently connected by nearby public transport.
The apartment with terrace is located on the first floor of the building. Quite streen on which it is situated provides the front of the apartment with sunlight in the mornings and the peaceful interior courtyard provides sunlight throughout the afternoon and evening.
The apartment has been totally refurbished, and the reform has combined many of the exquisite original modernist elements characteristic of the time, such as its beautiful mosaic floors, its stained glass windows etc., with new materials and installations using high quality materials and well-known brands, such as Bosch, Grohe, and Fujitsu.
It has a total surface area of 191 m2 and consists of a big space with dining room and kitchen with island, two suits and a third room.
Despite is not located within the orthogonal grid of the Eixample, the plot is rectangular and allows to develop the classic typology of long and narrow typical Eixample’s apartments, with main facade to the street and a facade inside the block, in addition to interior patios with ventilation where Facilities run. Moreover, in the case of the mezzanine has an interior terrace perfectly oriented to south-west, which guarantees the sun for most of the day as well as the calm and tranquillity of a space away from the traffic.
Given the characteristics of the property, it is proposed to focus the day zone towards the interior of the block. The absence of structural walls in the first two cradles allows to easily locating a large living area, dining and kitchen with a direct exit to the terrace. The rooms are located at the opposite, at the main facade and the inner courtyards, one of them accessible also from the house itself.  The existence of multiple patio takes the advantage to locate the service area as bathrooms and laundry space.

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