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RB: PI03023 150 meters of light and sun in the heart of Barcelona
940.000 €
150 m2
  • Air conditionerAir conditioner
  • Central HeatingCentral Heating
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  • LiftLift

This apartment resides within a traditional Eixample building, which dates back to the end of the 1800´s and has maintained many of its original elements, and this, alongside its typical construction features, means that it has been catalogued as a heritage site in the city of Barcelona.  It is also part of the Conservation sector of the Eixample and registered in the Special Sector of Girona St.
Like the grand majority of residential buildings in the “Eixample” – the area where the city was expanded at the beginning of the last century – it is centred around a large communal staircase, and is well ventilated by its interior courtyard from which you can access two apartments per floor. The building features the classic “piso pasantes”, which are apartments that have an opening at both the front and back of the building.
The buildings façade, which is southwest facing, has a well organized and thought out composition. The ground floor, which has the highest ceiling, acts as a sort of podium for the rest of the floors, which each have openings one above the other, and each of these are intricately decorated with typical modernist lintels, and decorative supporting corbels carved out of stone. Each of these openings also has a beautiful wrought iron railing.  

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