• Needs Analysis
    > Collaborative needs assessment
    > Comprehensive study of the desired home attributes
    > Definition of a tailored property search service
    > Start of an exclusive selection process
  • Home search
    > Market overview and  proposal elaboration
    > Property valuations and appraisals
    > Presentation of properties that meet your specific requirements
    > Our advice
  • Property tour
    > Planning your trip
    > Assistance in the necessary administrative and personal issues
    > Tour through carefully selected properties
    > Advising on the most suitable property
    > Decision making
  • Terms and conditions
    > Representing your interests in the negotiations between interrelated parties
    > Complete legal, financial and tax support
    > Negotiating the terms and conditions of the transaction
  • Your new home
    > Complete support throughout the purchasing process
    > Administrative procedures and property registration in the controlling agencies
    > After sales service
  • Analysis
  • Selection
  • Visit
  • Negotiation
  • Purchase
We are your best partner in the Spanish market. Here are some of our selected properties.