About us

We are a professional services company, with specialists whose common passion is real estate. Our knowledge runs deep, with experts in every property type and transaction, management and advisory services. We speak your language, and therefore we respond to your information requests as clearly and immediately as possible.
Our team
  • 20190306_04782
    Xavier López Sautés
    Founding partner and CEO
  • 20190223_0023
    Ekaterina Mikhaylova
    Property manager
  • AnnaWEB
    Anna Shekhovtsova
    Sales Manager
  • KristinaIonitskaya
    Kristina Ionitskaya
    International Market Manager
  • 20190306_0530
    José María San Agérico
    Networks and Systems Department
  • 20190223_0104
    Alejandro Blay
    Legal department
  • 20190223_0292
    Xavier Jardí
    Administrative manager
  • 20190223_0260
    Alfonso Gispert
    Marketing and communications
  • 20190223_0188
    Dolores Ibánez
    Tax and legal