Beauty center and SPA near Paseo de Gracia

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Beauty center and SPA near Paseo de Gracia
Ref.: LC02308
location Eixample
surface 300
euro 930.000
Precio m2 3.100€/m2
Rentabilidad anual Annual rent: 48.000 €/year
Rentabilidad Yield 5,2%
Tipo de contrato Contract for 15 years, until 2030
Año de construcción Year of construction: 1900
Escaparate Showcase: 5 m
Tipo de licencia Commercial license
Local in the Eixample, between Paseo de Gracia and Plaza Tetuan. Commercial area and public passage. Good communications by metro and buses.
Local in good condition, with a 5m facade and an access door. It has an area on the ground floor of 300m2.

Rented by the city's spa that offers relaxation and beauty treatments for body and mind with 100% natural, organic and vegan products.

Rental conditions:
  • Start of contract: 23-10-2015
  • Duration: 15 years
  • Rent: 4.000 €/month, with revision according to IPC. Income review at the end of 10th year: + 5%
  • Deposit: 8.000 €
  • Community Expenses: € 445 / month in charge of property
  • IBI: 250 €/year paid by the tenant
  • Profitability: 5.2%
  • Beauty center and SPA near Paseo de Gracia