Commercial premises: shoe store

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  • 87288fea14f83fe691f7b89c576bc19d
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Commercial premises: shoe store
Ref.: LC02325
location Fabra i Puig
surface 215
euro 945.000
Precio m2 4.395€/m2
Rentabilidad anual Annual rent: 51.000 €/year
Rentabilidad Yield 5,3%
Tipo de contrato 10-year contract
Escaparate Showcase: 6 m
Tipo de licencia Commercial license
Local-building for sale located on Paseo Fabra i Puig, next to Av. Meridiana. It is located in a busy area, where we can find various shops, schools, gymnasiums, residential buildings, catering businesses, offices, etc.

Tracing possibility: PB + 4PP.
  • Ground floor: 121m²
  • 1st Floor: 94m²
  • Contract duration: 10 years. Mandatory 2-year compliance.
  • Guarantees: 2 months of legal deposit plus 2 months of additional guarantee.
  • Total annual income: € 51,000. Income update according to annual CPI.
  • Community expenses: to be determined.
  • IBI: € 195.63 / month.
  • Profitability: 5.3%
  • Activity: shoe store.
  • Commercial premises: shoe store