Italian restaurant in Eixample

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Italian restaurant in Eixample
Ref.: LC02377
location Eixample
surface 274
euro 1.050.000
Precio m2 3.832€/m2
Rentabilidad anual Annual rent: 62.400 €/year
Rentabilidad Yield 5,9%
Tipo de contrato Contract until 2036
Escaparate Showcase: 10 m
Tipo de licencia C3 license
Local corner, is located in an area with restaurants, schools and offices. Very close to Paseo San Juán, increasingly recurrent at a local and tourist level. Area with good communications and a wide network of urban buses. It is about 3 cadastral units that will be united into a single entity. It has a double facade, which gives it very good commercial visibility. U-shaped format, with the building's goal in the middle of both nuclei of premises. It has a smoke outlet and a C3 license. Facade 10 meters.
  • Ground floor area 194.84m²
  • Mezzanine area 79.92m²
  • TOTAL 274.76m²
Rent per month: € 5,200 / month
Start of the contract: April 2021
Mandatory compliance: 2 years

  • Community expenses: € 40 / month
  • Annual IBI € 2,100 / year
  • Italian restaurant in Eixample