Restaurant near Plaza Espanya

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  • Restaurant Arànega - Google Maps
Restaurant near Plaza Espanya
Ref.: LC02291
location Poblesec
surface 190
euro 840.000
Precio m2 4.421€/m2
Rentabilidad anual Annual rent: 45.600 €/year
Rentabilidad Yield 5,42%
Tipo de contrato for 15 years, until 2035
Tipo de licencia C3 license
aire-acondicionado Air conditioner
calefaccion Central heating
Salida-de-humos Smoke output
Restaurant with the license C3 located on Av. Paral·lel a few meters from Pl. Espanya, the Fira de Barcelona and the CC. Las Arenas. Perfectly communicated through the metropolitan bus network and the L1-Espanya metro stop. It has a terrace for 32 diners.

  • Contract duration: 15 years. 2 years of mandatory compliance.
  • Signing contract: March 1, 2020.
  • Rent: € 45,600 per year.
  • Guarantees: 2 months of legal deposit.
  • Community expenses: € 1,250 per year charged to the property.
  • IBI: € 2,500 per year charged to the property.
  • Restaurant near Plaza Espanya