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    Leaders in smart real estate investments
    We know how important it is to respond quickly to individual needs of our clients and challenges of the changing market.
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    We are your best partner in the Spanish Real Estate market
    We speak your language, our priority is to work with you in a way that is comfortable and easy.
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    An integrated approach to Real Estate investing.
    You can rely on our individual investment advice, first-class solutions, and sound property management expertise.
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    Choose the property from our selection or contact us, and we will take care of the rest.
    We are committed to find the property of your dreams in Barcelona, Costa del Maresme, Costa del Garraf and Costa Brava.
Real Estate Investment Services
We optimize the management of your properties, reduce risks and improve the profitability of your investments. We have the best professionals in the sector to give you a complete and transparent service.
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We offer to our clients a series of procedures aimed to resolve any circumstance related to your property or stay in Spain.
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    Legal and tax
    Our multidisciplinary team offers a comprehensive range of legal and financial advice. We use our combined expertise to help you obtain and manage your assets in Spain.
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    Golden Visa
    Spain launched this program on September 28, 2013. The Spanish Golden Visa (or “Property Visa”) grants automatic residency in Spain when you purchase a property from 500,000€ (without financing) of € 500,000 or more. We will acess you to obtain this visa.
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    Financial and mortgage
    Our property management program and our staff are oriented to make the task as simple and stress-free as possible.
    You will choose from the best bank offers in the market.
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    Servicio postventa
    We help you in everything you need once you have acquired your property. We will manage all the procedures, and solve the incidents directly related to the purchase/sale of your property.
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    Investment Analysis
    We advise you on the different strategies to apply at any time on your investment, proposing changes or improvements in a reasoned and measurable way.
Selección de inmuebles
Find the property you need within the offer that currently exists in our selection. If nothing fits you, call us and we will find it.
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  • 60069-1-20161212021307
    Luxury Villa in Сosta Maresme on the sea front
    • 1.975.000 €
    • 588 m2
    • 5
    • 5
  • ROG104-1o1a-07
    La Dreta de l'Eixample
    Magnificent flat for rent, Roger de Llúria, 104
    • 3,900 €/month
    • 180
    • 4
    • 3
  • 7314507434_e80125e18e_k-1-1024x768
    Multi-family apartment building
    • 1.648.000
    • 829
    Detached house with magnificent views over the city and sea
    • 2.350.000 €
    • 486 m2
    • 4
    • 3
    Sarrià- Sant Gervasi
    Magnificent new construction flat with views in Sant Gervasi
    • 1.716.000 €
    • 119 m2
    • 3
    • 2
  • inbisa5
    Hospitalet de Llobregat
    The entire 9th floor for sale, storage rooms and parking spaces
    • 2.724.968
    • 800 m2
  • CAS81 (1a)
    Magnificent penthouse with terrace
    • 450.000 €
    • 36m2
    • 1
    • 1
  • Ari86-Pral1-02
    Perfect Golden Visa Investment in Barcelona
    • € 540,000
    • 87m2
    • 3
    • 2
  • CA021971
    Costa Brava
    Fantastic new villa in S'Agaró
    • 1.340.000,00 €
    • 326 m2
    • 6
    • 3
  • BAL62_GEN04_Salon_FIN02
    Modernist and sunny apartment
    • € 995,000
    • 167 m2
    • 3
    • 2
    Floor overlooking the Tibidabo in Sant Cugat
    • 490.000 €
    • 113 m2
    • 2
    • 2
  • CA02494
    Playa de Aro - Costa Brava
    Fabulous villa with lovely views of the Mediterranean
    • 2.980.000 €
    • 457 m2
    • 5
    • 4
  • foto1
    Hotel **** near the Plaza de Catalunya
    • 30,000,000
    • 1.500
  • casa-batllo
    Eixample Right
    Restaurant in the center of Barcelona
    • 1.260.000
    • 411
  • supermercat
    Supermarket eco-products
    • 3.248.000
    • 1.533
  • Barcelona
  • 1
    Christmas in Barcelona
    During the Christmas holidays Barcelona like the most of Christian cities in the world shows another face, different of the rest of the year. The streets wear a lot of decorating lights, there are many different Christmas markets that add charm of this period and many activities mostly for the little ones.
  • SantGervasi
    Exclusive residential areas of Barcelona. Zona Alta
    Every city has its own high class and, consequently, prime area. In Spanish, the area where rich people live, is called «zona alta». Literally it is "high zone". It is interesting that in Barcelona ​​this term got a double meaning: that part of the city, where focused Catalan elite, is high not only because of well-being of its inhabitants, but also because of its geographic position – on the side of the mountain chain Collserola.
  • PdG2
    Exclusive residential areas of Barcelona. Eixample
    Eixample is Barcelona's central district, which is considered the heart of the Catalan capital. The government began to build it in the middle of the XIX century, when Barcelona got free of medieval walls surrounding it and breathed in the air of freedom. And so the district has received its name which means "expansion" translated from Catalan. Today Eixample is the largest and the best organized district of ​​Barcelona.
  • 5
    En qué conviene invertir hoy
    Ganar dinero en el mercado inmobiliario actual es posible, aunque para ello resulta imprescindible saber qué compras, qué rentabilidades ofrece y disponer de mucha información.
  • iStock_000019910308Large_small
    Foreign investors who purchase a house in Spain will also get a work permit
    Purchase of luxury flats became, since 2013, a fast way to achieve Spanish residence.
  • SOCIMIs and malls, the favourite of foreigners
    Between January 2014 and March 2015, occurred purchases of real estate assets in Spain for nearly 12,000 million euros. This fact places the Spanish market in pre-crisis levels and exemplifies the focus on Spain of investors around the world. But, what is the profile of these buyers?

  • 0000109191_03
    Prices of luxury homes to rise in Madrid and Barcelona
    The prices of high-end homes will increase by 5% in Spain’s largest cities in 2015, but they still fall well below those seen in other main European cities.
  • hands-framing-house
    Ten things to consider when buying a home
    There's far more to any property than the sum of its most practical parts; the design, surrounding landscape and climate will all impact on both your quality of life and the re-sale value. In addition to careful examination of the building's construction, assessing these ten elements should help you make an informed decision when home buying.
  • para articulo El PRECIO DE LA VIVIENDA_FOTO5
    The price of residential property closes the year 2014 with an increase by 1.3%
    According to the Valuation Agency's latest report, the value of residential property increases for the second consecutive quarter due to secondary real estate market stabilization. It has already reached its bottom.
  • 3
    What should you know before buying a home?
    Purchase of the residential property is the most important investment in lives of the most people. So if you are thinking about buying a property, we can explain the main steps.
  • LUJO
    Foreigners buy 90% of luxury apartments in Barcelona
    90% of homes in Barcelona with price over one million euros have been acquired by the last three years by investors from other countries.
  • hipoteca1
    Getting a mortgage in Spain
    Buying residential property in Spain continues to be one of the most attractive investment options both in the short and in the long term, largely due to the favorable conditions of obtaining a mortgage for foreign nationals.
  • Вид на жительство в Испании
    New law on residence permits for investors in Spain
  • 1
    One million Russians have visited Catalonia
  • 1
    Russia becomes the third country to acquire most apartments in Spain
    The government is now considering the issue of granting residence permits to foreigners purchasing real estate for price exceeding 160,000 Euros. This action is aimed at decreasing the huge reserve of unsold houses and apartments, and intended for citizens of non-EU countries.
  • evaluate_deal
    According to the Spanish Bank, one flat gives at present gross profitability of 8,3 % through two ways: the rental and its revaluation. There is no another financial product of low risk that approximates to such a high yield.
  • Ludovico_Einaudi_web_OK
    Summer festivals in Barcelona
    Barcelona is a city where you can  always find a variety of interesting events. However, when summer comes, they grow in geometric progression. Therefore, on this occasion, we want to take the opportunity to present you the main summer festivals held in Barcelona and Costa Brava.
  • 2298
    The 10 most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava awarded with the Blue Flag
    Costa Brava is all about sun, beaches, coves hidden among lush vegetation, crystalline waters, quiet walks along the sea and charming seaside towns. That is why the Blue Flag award confirms the quality of the beaches of Girona - Costa Brava year after year.
  • Fiesta de Gracia
    Fiestas de verano en Barcelona: Fiesta Mayor de Gracia
    The biggest party of Gracia is relatively young, like the Vila de Gracia itself, but it is worth visiting and living this unique experience, with streets full of life, colors and music.
  • school_girl_Small (1)
    The most prestigious international schools in Barcelona
    Barcelona concentrates the majority of these centers, led by the Benjamin Franklin, of curriculum American, the American School and the German School
  • mascaras
    Carnival of Barcelona
    Carnival is one of the most popular festivals of the year. The first documented reference to the Barcelona Carnival is a 1333 regulation from the Consell de Cent government, prohibiting any throwing of oranges and regulating the use of masks.
  • IMG-20191008-WA0005
    Visit of our management team to Moscow and draw
    On October the 3th the managing directors of RESIDAE BARCELONA, Ewelina Basun and Xavier López Sautés, attended in Moscow the inauguration of a new commercial office of L'Hermitatge, Private Banking of the ROSBANK bank, belonging to the French group Societé Generale.